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Our 3 step process is simple and We Handle EVERYTHING. 

1) We create and optimize review accounts on your behalf (if you don’t already have them).

2) We help you monitor those sites and their reviews.

3) We help your clients leave genuine and gleaming reviews on those sites!  Make sure to watch the video above that explains how our pre-survey technology works.  Think you have a few accounts already but not quite sure?  We go through them all making sure they are live and optimized, adding the sites you don’t have as well, even industry specific sites like or  Did we mention this service has KILLER SEO benefits?

-72% of consumers trust online reviews AS MUCH AS reviews from friends and family.

-55% of consumers say reviews from “people like me” had the greatest impact on their buying decision.

-100% of business owners don’t have time to monitor on their own.  Our software puts it all in one place.  We do the work to get you positive reviews.



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Consumers Don’t Buy things From Businesses With Negative Reviews. Period.

li-icon1Stop spending thousands of dollars to drive people to your bad reputation!  We help you get a handle on your reviews FAST, because you’ve probably turned away a potential customer with your bad reviews today already!


li-icon2The average customer checks 10.4 information sources ( Yelp, Google+, RateMDs, etc) before calling, coming in, or purchasing.


li-icon3You need someone to monitor your online reviews closely. We do, so call now!

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